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About Yuan Kang

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Established in 1979, Yuan Kang Enterprise Co., Ltd. has over 30 yearsĄŠ history. In the early time Yuan Kang took professional sales agent of foreign printed circuit board industry, raw materials and manufacturing, testing equipment, such as copper foil substrate, substrate / Multilayer Lamination machines, steel mill brushes, pressure combined cushion material, OPTEK secondary meta / Coordinate / X-Ray measurement machine and so on. Later in order to improve the company's competition in the market Yuan Kang began to take agent of a number of new products gradually in 2008. For example, a meta measuring machine, the film defect inspection machine, sizing machine classification measurements, UV laser molding machine, line width measurements from the instrument, finished plate appearance defect inspection machine, Taiwan MCT secondary meta / Coordinate Measuring Machine , blind hole inspection machine, plate bending Alice measuring machine, holes inspection machines, forming dimension measurement scanning machines, laser thickness and so on.

Yuan Kang Enterprise Co., Ltd. always uphold the principle of service and sincere dedication and attitude and actively seek high-quality and high performance equipment to provide the industry so as to improve its quality to create interest. Yuan Kang continuously provides customers with fast and high-quality after-sales service so that it takes no worry and reaching the goal of mutual coexistence and common prosperity.

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