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Line width measurement from the Product Map

Width and pitch measuring machine

Agents Taiwan MCT-QMS width and pitch measuring machines

Width and pitch measuring machines

  • Are of approachable price
  • Tables adopt fast slide design no hurt to the work piece
  • Easy for installation and operation
  • Clear day high-resolution CCD image
  • Built-in white LED cold light source
  • Also can use hand-held width and pitch measuring
  • Measurement data can be exported to EXCEL and facilitate data access
  • Can capture images and store
  • Line width measurement from the Product Map

    The functions of width and pitch measuring machine

    Can measure horizontal distance / vertical distance / distance between two points / diameter / diameter measurement and GA / width and spacing measurements / site search up and down side measurement. Measurement mode can choose manual or automatic boundary measurements and output statements are up to per customer demand customized production.

    If you wonder more about width and pitch measuring machine please contact us.

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