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Finished plate appearance defect inspection machine

Agents Taiwan MCT-SDC finished plate appearance defect inspection machine.

Features of appearance defect inspection machine

  • All granite base and shock-proof design
  • With million level Scan CCD
  • Measuring range is up to per customer demand customization
  • Automatic two-sided test
  • Can be used with semi-automatic model re-examination
  • With high resolution optics
  • Can be semi-automatic and automatic double-sided inspection defects

    Appearance defect inspection machine can examine the film defect comprehensively and compared to other brands of appearance defect inspection machine it not only has the approachable price and fully functions but also automatically double-check the finished plate appearance defects. It can also distinguish between qualified and unqualified finished plate of the category relying on the standard board. However, those unqualified products can be used semi-automatic models of the appearance of defect inspection machine to conduct repeat testing to low the leak testing rate significantly.

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