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Sizing classification measuring machine

Agent Taiwan Yi Chen YC-SSM2622 sizing classification measuring machine

Features of sizing classification measuring machine

  • Adopt Indian imported black granite materials, high hardness, and low coefficient of inflation reduction and with high stability
  • Using of special patented pressure leveling design to inhibit the board of prying and moving parts
  • Adopt ruler with 0.1um resolution which can take effective response to the measurement accuracy.
  • With low distortion lens to minimize the surface measurement error
  • Linear Motor +all air bearing design that with high measurement speed and good repeatability.
  • Reduce the probability of negative re-zoned to reduce film costs
  • Reduce the exposure of resist exposure and increase the fixed production rate of married of exposure
  • Enhance the inner / Pressing / drilling / coating / solder / Forming / testing and other processes on the position accuracy
  • Reduce the probability of heavy industry and scrap because of the bit error and reduce overall manufacturing costs effectively
  • Process for all categories measured by the sizing machine control can increase overall product yield
  • With the decline in the overall scrap rate and thus enhance the competitive advantages for companies
  • Comprehensive measurement of sizing board size but not just a sampling test

    Sizing classification measuring machine can rapidly measure the reduction size of boards but also can classify the sizing values to meet customer needs. Not just the old out sampling mode to measure the size of the board of the sizing, but the comprehensive measuring the sizing board size and then refused to reduce the exposure rate. If all processes are classified into the measurement sizing machine it will improve overall product yield and reduce scrap rates so as to save a lot of costs. Except the features of high precision and fast speed sizing classification measuring machines have many items of special design in the world patents in software and hardware. Strict assembly and test before import made the sizing classification measuring machines have the best quality.

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