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Drill hole scanning measuring machine

Drill hole scanning measuring machine

Agents Taiwan MCT forming size scanning measuring machine.

Drill hole scanning measuring machine features

  • Approachable price and high precision
  • Precision automatic detection
  • Beyond the traditional measurement method
  • Excellent image recognition technology
  • True and reliable computing functions
  • Pore size and the coordinates provided
  • Real-time measurement data output and data access convenience
  • Chart with data analysis and statistical analysis, a number of processing
  • Drill hole scanning measuring machine features

    Drill hole scanning measuring machine mining friendly design, software can be switched in Chinese and English operation interface and real-time management of SPC and the use of high precision granite machine main body 000, by the small variance in the most stable environment, world-famous brands drive and transmission system, the displacement speed machine, positioning precision, optical system with crash protection, hardware design part of using German technology, Ding column design, high accuracy, measurement range, small volume Kong Jian, meet high stability and durability requirements.

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