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Coordinate measuring machines

Agent of U.S. OPTEK coordinate measuring machine and Taiwan MCT coordinate measuring machine.

Features of coordinate measuring machine

  • All material granite platform with granite gantry design that is hard and never deformed and of high stability.
  • A plate glass design can effectively inhibit the board of prying and moving parts.
  • Machine calibration adopts nonlinear error compensation so there is high accuracy.
  • Adopt ruler with 0.1um resolution which can take effective response to the measurement accuracy.
  • With NAVITAR optical lens and can also match the customer required rate.
  • Linear Motor +all air bearing design so there is zero friction, high measurement speed and good repeatability.
  • The measuring range of machines is up to the customer demand to provide customized tailor-made services.
  • Professional agents & custom tailored production, the coordinate measuring machines are of aircraft quality.

    Customized service has still been the insistence of Yuan Kang so far. Therefore, if you have any special needs about coordinate measuring machines please remember to contact us. Yuan Kang business services team will be dedicated to your tailor-made for your needs and be your trusted manufacturer of quality measurement with fair and reasonable price. Because the persist in the quality of coordinate measuring machine much of today's performance is growing year by year and create a win-win situation with customers. Looking ahead, all the staff of Yuan Kang will take more efforts to repay the society with high quality coordinate measuring machine products.

    If you wonder more about coordinate measuring machine please contact us.

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