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Film defect inspection machine

Agents Taiwan Yi Chen YC-EasyLook film defect inspection machine.

Features of film defect inspection machine

  • Can replace the traditional using of visual inspection
  • Can replace the eyepiece observation of minor defects
  • Can increase the detection rate of film defects
  • Check for new era of shrinking profits weapon and approachable prices
  • The employer's eye view LCD screen and replace the high-priced film screening machines
  • Setting up directly in the existing light table and do not need to purchase the new tables (customized)
  • Avoid occupational injury caused by long time checking films (for example: astigmatism, vision variation)
  • Film

    Approachable price and fully functions

    Film defect inspection machine can examine the film defect comprehensively and compared to other brands of film defect inspection machine it not only has the approachable price and fully functions but also the scope of the film can be detected according to customer demand customized production so it is the new weapon in this bright era.

    If you wonder more about film defect inspection machine please contact us.

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