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One meta measuring machine

Agent YC-3230 precision scale single-axis 2D ultra-precision£¸ dimensional measuring machine

The features of one meta measuring machine

YC-3230 precision scale single-axis 2D ultra-precision£¸ dimensional measuring machine are specially designed for solving the sizing issues of PCB board and the film production and are of measurement, analysis, compensation, correction film with the board against the bit pitch, working film and the finished board width, line distance, etc. Also have the check drill hole machine and laser plotter accuracy functions.

YC-3230    precision scale single-axis 2D ultra-precision£¸ dimensional measuring machine adopt guidelines for computerized automatic laser measurements and the well-designed vacuum flat film and buffer pressure plate sub-function can achieve precise measurement effect but not scratching the film / board. Have a temperature / humidity detection recording function and the features of automatic temperature compensation for optical scale so as to completely solve the error problems of temperature / humidity changes in machine that will be installed to use in any working environment.

The function of one meta measuring machine

  • Can measure film / brown film / inside and outside the laminate / guide hole / dry / Finished plate
  • Can measure distance (point to point / line to line / line width / spacing)
  • Can measure target shape (round / rectangular / Cross-target / square / rhombus)
  • Can set modular function according to product type (no need to manually adjust the light source )
  • Can easily correct and compensate laser plotter (Laser Plotter)
  • Can take automatic focus and manual focus (to avoid staff visual error)
  • Built-in filtering software can be set to standard values and positive and negative tolerance values, automatically determines OK / NG board, and SPC data can be calculated
  • Camera images can be saved or printed and the software is easy to learn to understand or to operate
  • If you want to know more about dimensional measuring machine please contact us.

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